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My Cup’in, the French Revolutionary All in One Menstrual Solution.

Do you often forget to buy tampons?
Or just sick of having to make sure that you always have some with you?
Fed up with changing them often?
Or just feel like you throwing away money with them?


My Cup’in menstrual cups are the answer!

The french made menstrual cup gives you the ability to carry on with your life! Continue being active, from work to sports to partying. In short, it will stop your monthly period from slowing you down.

This 100% medical grade silicone cup will not irritate or cause dryness.
Insert it once in the morning and often only have to change it at the end of the day. 
No more awkward going to the loo in public places or forgeting and having to ask your cute date to make a pit stop.

1x My Cup’in is equal to 1500 tampons! Lets both feel better about doing good for our environment and save all that unnecessary waste.
#savetheenviroment for the win.


Help save both the planet and your pocket by more than R2000 as the My Cup’in will last you 5 years! 


  • Eco-friendly: 1 Cup’in = 1,500 tampons
  • Chemical-free: Free from Latex, dyes, rubber, plastics or BPA
  • 100% medical grade silicone: No irritation & dryness
  • Cost effective – Save more than R2,000: 1 Cup’in = 5 years of use
  • Worry-free: Up to 8-hour protection or more (light flow)
  • Leak-free: Suitable for any sports activities
  • Cleansing cup included in the box for ease of transport, cleaning & storage!
  • Safe to wear OVERNIGHT
  • Can be used with an IUD (intra-uterine device) 
  • Unaffected by a tilted uterus

Choose the size that meets your needs:

  • Size 1: Medium flow &/or you haven’t given birth naturally
  • Size 2: Heavy flow &/or you have given birth naturally


Simple and Easy Instructions

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Time for a New Period!


My Cup'in CARES 

My Cup'in is proud to support ESI Health, a South African non-profit organisation in its fight to eliminate period poverty in South Africa.

As a result, for each My Cup’in bought, R10 are automatically donated to ESI Health to sponsor a South African learner .

For more info, visit esihealth.org